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Launch your own location-based dating/match-making site in no time

The only cross-platform Tinder clone source-code app available built on an Agile Mobile Stack.

The mobile dating market is growing rapidly. While Tinder has captured the generic mobile dating marketshare, there is a still huge opportunity for more niche focused dating apps, or variations with a bit more substance.

But how can you save precious time and money when developing your next dating or other types of match making apps for yourself or clients?

Normally to reach the entire Android and iOS market required developing your application twice, and finding skilled developers in both technologies.

But now there is a faster, more cost effective way to develop mobile apps.

The dream of open cross-platform development has now come of age with the latest HTML5 hybrid mobile frameworks.

How much money could you save, and how much quicker can you get to market, if you only had to develop for a single platform?

And don’t forget the third player in the market, Windows Mobile. With Windows phones estimated to sell 50 Million devices in 2014 alone you can be a dominant player in this untapped market.

Our Tinder clone is built as a cross-platform HTML5 hybrid mobile application. Meet the Agile Mobile Stack:

ionic-logo-blogIonic is a beautiful, performance obsessed front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. It radically simplifies mobile app development with the web technologies you love. Free and open source, Ionic provides mobile-optimized HTML, JavaScript and CSS components for building highly interactive applications.

angularAngularJS by Google, the leading HTML5 application framework. This application code and architecture is developed following the Google best practices guidelines. The rapidly increasing popularity of AngularJS makes it easier to find web developers who can enhance and maintain your single code base for all mobile platforms. The source code has been written by a senior developer with over 10 years commercial software experience, and is very clean unlike some other providers of app source code.

App Features include:

Uses the native Facebook SDK integration for seamless authentication and access to Facebook user information Users can set their potential match search options by distance, age and gender. Users can select and crop profile photos from their Facebook albums or on the phone. Swipe right/left to match/reject potential matches Chat with mutual matches

Back-End server – The final piece of our Agile Mobile development technology stack.

ZERO installation

ZERO administration

Other providers of source code to kick start your application typically use a PHP and/or Python server with a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. This requires installation and effort to maintain it’s availablity and security,

The app is coded to use Parse, a leading MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) provider which is now owned by Facebook.

Parse take care of everything else your app backend needs, from the core user and database service to analytics and push notifications.

The generous free account allows up to 30 requests/second, 1 concurrent background job, 20GB of file storage, 2TB of bandwidth per month and 1 million unique push recipients per month.

Parse also includes a full-featured analytics platform so you can track and optimize your application usage and experience. Measure installations, active users, retention data and more. You can understand exactly how your new launches are received and how many users come back for more. Straight out of the box your app will track app opens, push opens, API requests, device type, and REST verbs. And with a single line of code, track any new data point you want in the app.

All without the hassle of server installation and management!


The minimum requirements are determined by the Ionic framework and Cordova plugins.

iOS6 and above

Android 4.0 and above

Windows Phone 8 support coming soon.

Need a Web version?

The final advantage of the agile mobile stack is the Javascript and HTML5 code built on Parse and AngularJS can easily be re-used to create a website version if you so desire.

Please visit the new Cloneder page here