Cloneder is moving to AppOrchestra

After a beta launch under the Software Engineers Toolbox name, and a hiccup with Facebook announcing the shutdown of the managed service, Cloneder is now ready for prime time under the new AppOrchestra brand at
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Performance of Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap. When Is Slower Fast Enough?

It always annoying having to do the same piece of work twice, so the ideal of ‘hybrid’ mobile apps where most of it is built using standard web technologies and can run on both Android and iOS (and more) sounds like a great way to go.

But as you might know hybrid apps have sometimes had a bad rap because mainly because of performance and to a lesser extent Cordova (along with other cross-platform mobile technologies) having their own quirks and issues.

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Account creation failure root cause analysis

A few people reported to me they couldn’t create an account in my app recently. After updating the Cloud Code to having more logging I saw the error.


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Cloneder page move

The Cloneder tinder clone app source code is now here:

Update: Cloneder is now at

Cloneder Beta build available

Thanks for your interest in Cloneder, a Tinder clone built with the cross-platform mobile stack of Ionic and using Parse as the initial backend. It’s taken a little longer than I’d hoped to get this update and a feature complete demo out, but being on the cutting edge of hybrid mobile tech there was a few issues to sort out.

Ionic has come a long way and is more than just a bunch of CSS and JavaScript, and is becoming a full hybrid mobile platform. The Hybrid/HTML approach has always been an nice idea for mobile apps, but only now has it really come of age for serious apps with the Ionic platform and open-source codebase…

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